Greetings from Denmark

I will say this about Denmark: it looks a lot like America from where I’m sitting. Which is inside an airport. Oh, and it’s 8 am. 

But I digress. The flight over was alright, aside from the fact that I got zero sleep because my lovely seat mate took four hours (yes, I counted) to finish the Great Gatsby. And yes, she kept her annoyingly bright reading light on the whole time. So that was exciting.

Right now I’m sitting in no man’s land at gate D102 waiting for my flight that will take me to Moscow. I confess, I sincerely miss my bed and my parents and my friends and Maryland and I’ve been gone less than a day. Hopefully once I’m in Russia and working the homesickness will fade.

Until then, have a picture of me being supremely unamused with the Kastrup Airport (seriously it must be 90 degrees in here what the heck guys?!).

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